The 2019 Kon Mari Trend & Designing Your Dream Home

A new year means new beginnings and the start of new habits. Netflix’s release of the popular show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” unleashed a major desire across America to turn tidiness into a lifestyle the ‘Kon Mari’ way. Naturally, I am a fan of a great clean lined, unfussy & uncluttered home design, but one of the bigger takeaways I’ve found from Marie Kondo was being reminded how important it is to design with items that bring you joy. 2019 is the year to get your belongings into shape just as you would your body. Taking a liberating and comfortable approach to your living space can be as liberating as it is comfortable. When you take the time to pare down your belongings to only those that ‘spark joy’ you allow for these items to come into focus and you can reap their full enjoyment.  You will quickly find that when you free up much important space, the rooms in your home become more inviting and warm.  

You don’t have to be a collector to show your passions in your interior layout. Go through all of the sentimental items you have acquired along your way and find what sends you into your happy place. These are the few items you can display to not only use as décor but also a day-to-day reminder of what warms your heart. After you have found your arsenal of items that reflect your personal style, you can accent the room with chic staples that also provide function. Designing with a place in mind for your items will avoid the over crowded look you may have found yourself in before. When everything has a place the room stays in a state of ‘HGTV aesthetics’

Utilizing stylish furniture and accent décor is a perfect way to keep your small spaces looking open while showcasing your inner style. If you follow me on Instagram @kuinteriordesign, I recently shared a post that explained how to make a small space look bigger (view here). By using a see through coffee table not only do you get the function of surface space but also there is an added emphasis on visual space. Clear acrylic or glass pieces are see-through surfaces that allow the eye to pass right through to what is beyond, expanding the space. Now your small room or space is clean, crisp, and fresh.

Keep in mind a fresh look also includes smells and textures. Using your space to invite the eye as well as the other senses. Having a light clean fragrance in the room is also a way to show your style without cluttering up the space. Having a staple color, wallpaper, or accent tile on the fireplace surround incorporates texture while keeping the feeling of a clean room. Try to find your staples before you redecorate. In recent posts I talk about using wallpaper as a launching point for your room design. Don’t be afraid of using bold colors or prints in your newly tidy room. Is a bright bold wall just too much for you? You can always keep it simple by choosing the less outspoken color for your wallpaper and add more depth with vases, lamps, decorative throws or pillows.

Re-decorating can be scary and overwhelming but the end result is worth it. Imagine being able to design a room that is both functional and perfectly complements your own style. Starting out small and giving yourself easy tasks can jump-start your interior overhaul, turning your house into your dream home.  It also doesn’t have to be a one-person task, give me a call and we can tackle your design needs together.

MIchelle Ku

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