Hi, I’m Michelle Ku,

When was the last time you couldn’t wait to show off your home?  If you’re looking around your outdated décor or a layout that just isn’t working anymore and thinking, “It’s been a while,” it might be time to make some changes.

Creating your dream space is incredibly exciting, but it does require planning.  And with everything we have access to – magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, and countless other resources – the options seem limitless.  This idea either thrills you or intimidates you.

Here’s the thing: a home renovation or even just refreshing a room doesn’t have to be scary.  It should be fun!  After all, you’re creating a space that’s entirely your own.  But that probably means allowing someone to guide you along the way to ensure you end up with the home you’ve always dreamed of – without encountering costly mistakes that can also make your project drag on.


Even though I fell in love with Interior Design at age 8 (the first time I laid eyes on an issue of House Beautiful), I studied Computer Science in college and pursued that career for 13 years.  When I decided to return to school to indulge my love for design, I realized the analytical skills developed in my prior career were a great asset; good design requires problem-solving skills to fulfill the wants, needs, and desires that people have within the limited confines of their homes.

Here’s how I can help you with yours:

  • We’ll discuss your wants, needs, and vision so that I can create a plan showing you what’s possible within the parameters of your building.
  • Through this design process, we’ll maximize your space and create a condo that feels both luxurious and efficient. You’ll be presented with a plan that might provide a layout you never considered – one that works specifically for you.
  • When it’s time to customize the space, you get to chose exactly what you want from the selections I’ve narrowed down for you.  No more scrolling through the internet trying to visualize everything down to the hardware.  You’ll know that every detail has been considered to create a design that’s entirely you.

We’re all spending more and more time in our homes these days, so it’s more important than ever that we love where we are.  From entire renovations to creating a small oasis in your home, Ku Interior Design is here to help you from the initial design to your big reveal.

When it comes to condo design, it’s not just a business for me. It’s personal.

I want every client to feel as I do when I walk in the door of my home: comfortable and content in a space customized for their lifestyle.