Condo design isn’t an industry I decided to enter into on a whim; as a condo-dweller myself, I’ve learned that reworking an interior and floorplan has unique benefits and challenges.

And that’s why I love what I do.

Even though I fell in love with Interior Design at the age of 8 (the first time I laid eyes on an issue of House Beautiful), I studied Computer Science in college and pursued that career for 13 years. When I decided to return to school to indulge my love for design, I realized the analytical skills I developed in my prior career were a great asset; good design requires problem-solving skills to fulfill the wants, needs, and desires that people have within the limited confines of their homes.

Getting into a multi-unit home and showing a homeowner what’s possible is a magical moment for me as a designer.

By showing the client what’s possible within the constraints of fixed walls, lighting, and plumbing, I’m able to maximize the use of space and make their condo feel both luxurious and efficient.

My clients are often busy professionals or vacation/second homeowners who don’t have the time or capacity to deal with the inconveniences of acquiring board approval or coordinating with building management. After creating a plan with the client, it’s my pleasure to attend to these details to ensure the project moves as seamlessly as possible.

When it comes to condo design, it’s not just a business for me. It’s personal.

I want every client to feel as I do when I walk in the door of my home: comfortable and content in a space customized for their lifestyle.