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Michelle Ku of Ku Interior Design offers a range of interior design services including kitchen and bath design, luxury condo design, and full-service residential remodels. Through her thorough development process, Michelle creates custom plans that fit your home and your lifestyle.

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Together we’ll determine your lifestyle needs and design direction. Not sure about the direction you’d like to go? No problem. My process helps us create a design together that you’ll be excited to implement. Once we’ve discussed your options and preferences, we’ll develop the scope-of-work and review the contract so that you know exactly what to expect.

Interior Design Services Denver
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We’ll talk about the preliminary design ideas so that you have a better idea of the direction we’re going. This is the perfect time for you to tell me your thoughts on the initial concepts and for us to gather any additional information we might need to move forward.



I’ll get to work creating the final plans and elevations necessary for the project and select the products that we will incorporate in the design. At this point, we’ll also determine the trades necessary to help us move forward. You’ll be presented with a visual display of furnishings and materials so you can really get a feel for the finished space.

Interior Design Services Denver
Interior Design Services Denver



Your work is done! I’ve placed the product orders and the project has begun. Communication is key to any design project, so I’ll keep you updated when needed.



Get ready for the reveal! Your new design is complete and waiting for you. You’ll receive a final project binder that contains the project outline as well as any warranties you might need. All that’s left for you to do is walk in the door of your home when it’s completed, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy your renewed space.

"Michelle created the most amazing kitchen design for us! I could not be happier with the results. We invested about $90K in our project and her fee was nominal but gave the entire project life and vitality. I had never used a designer before so was not sure what to expect but am so happy that we did. Our contractor and cabinet maker said, at the end of the project, that Michelle was really the one who gave it the unique feel and that it would not have looked so unique to us without her contribution. It was by far, the best investment that we made in our project."

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Frequently Asked Questions

My rates are based on the scope of the project but I always charge a fixed rate, rather than hourly. This is to allow my clients to know exactly how much they will be paying before we get started. For clients who are unsure about how much their project will cost, I can help you figure this out in the beginning to help mold your goals to your budget.

Flat rates make it easier on my clients, since you won’t have to worry about ongoing hourly billing and you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying before we get started. This will also allow you to plan and budget accordingly.

Because I would like to make the most of our time together, I do charge for our initial 1.5-hour consultation. I charge for our initial appointment so I can provide you with all of the design advice that I can fit in and make it as valuable to you as possible. 

Every consultation will be a little different, given that I try to mold it to each client’s unique needs.

Here are some ideas of what can be accomplished:

  • We can select paint colors for the interior or exterior of your house.
  • We can rearrange your furniture, place your accessories, hang your art, and I can provide advice on how to fill in any missing pieces or what pieces should be replaced.
  • If you are contemplating a remodel, I can provide my ideas on how best to proceed and if I think you can/should remove or relocate walls, or how to make existing spaces more functional.
  • If you have no idea how much it will cost to furnish a specific room, or a whole-home, I can help you create a furniture budget.
  • You have your paint, tile, cabinets, etc. selected but, want professional advice so that you don’t make expensive mistakes, I can review your selections.
  • You need help making finish or fixture selections. We can schedule our time at a showroom and I’ll help you put everything together.

Book your free 20-minute Design Consultation phone call. We’ll discuss your needs and I can tailor our first appointment to meet them.

Prior to our interior design consultation, I recommend that you consider your project and what you hope to gain from my services. We can also book a free 20-minute call during which we can discuss your project, goals, and timeline. This also gives me an opportunity to let you know what you’ll need to prepare for our consultation.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I have one particular style, because I love them all! I love to incorporate color and pattern into my design and create spaces that are easy to live with and what I like to call “unfussy.” Ultimately, my role as your designer is to create a space that is completely and entirely you 

Every design project will vary, as will the budgets. For furnishings projects, I recommend my clients invest the bulk of their budget on their upholstered furniture. It is always best to get the highest quality you can afford within your budget so that the pieces you use the most are comfortable and will stand the test of time. Accent furniture (cocktail, end, and other tables; accent chairs, stools, etc.) and accessories can be of lesser quality or added later as your budget allows. For remodeling projects, I recommend working within your existing architecture and electrical/plumbing locations to help keep your labor costs to a minimum.

I work as the lead designer on all projects. I have long-term relationships with reliable and trustworthy trades who implement my designs. However, if you already have pre-existing relationships with a remodeling company, builder, and/or architect, I am happy to work with them as part of our team.

I know that life can be unpredictable, so my contract allows for either party to stop the project at any time. In the event that this happens, unused fees will be refunded. I will also keep records of the project, allowing us to pick up where we left off when it is time to resume later. In some circumstances, there may be additional design fees to reselect any out of stock items. If products have already been ordered when we put the project on hold, you will need to cover any costs associated with managing these orders.

Occasionally, I will share designer discounts with my clients when I have a relationship with a vendor and they provide a substantial discount. Otherwise, I sell products at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP).

Although I do not share all designer discounts with my clients, I don’t require you to pay any additional fees such as freight, receiving, and storage. This makes it easier on everyone because you will know the final price right away and won’t have to worry about any additional fees coming up later on. Ordering through me also provides clients with “white glove” service, meaning the trusted vendors that I work with regularly will provide much better service than a typical online retailer and items are less likely to arrive damaged. If any delivery issues do arise, you won’t have to worry about resolving things all on your own. 

I allow my clients one week to pay deposits once the products are proposed. Although this timeline seems quick, it is for good reason. This allows us to:

  • Avoid price increases – most companies raise the cost of merchandise at least once a year, sometimes more depending on economic factors.
  • Eliminate stocking issues – before I present products for your design, I check stock to make sure the products are available. However, until I receive payment and submit orders, there is no guarantee that the items will not be sold to another.
  • If, when orders are placed, the item is then out-of-stock, I must charge additional fees to reselect.

Let’s talk about your design project

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