About this project

Living in a home for a while before diving into a remodel project is the perfect way to figure out what does and doesn’t work in your new condo. That is exactly what this couple did before reaching out to me to remodel their kitchen and bathrooms. Even with the constraints of condo living, having that information allowed me to vastly improve their everyday life.

The kitchen was previously remodeled with high-end appliances and European cabinets, but it just didn’t work for my clients. Lack of counter and cooking space were major issues for the new residents. It was time to revamp of the kitchen layout and change color schemes in all rooms.

Now they have ample counter space to prep meals and can fit more than one pan on the cooktop at a time, making everyday chores so much easier. Adding a second sink in the bathroom means the husband is no longer relegated to the guest bath and they can start their day together.

Making everyday life more livable is what good design is all about.

Before & After

Before After
Before After