About this project

My client’s lifestyle is very different than the one people were living when this house was built.  The cook(s) are no longer hidden away in the kitchen.  It was time to make the kitchen feel like it was part of the rest of the main floor.  Removing the narrow swinging door into the kitchen, expanding the doorway width, and adding an arch that mimicked other doorway archways melded the kitchen with the rest of the living spaces.

Having a relative in a wheelchair necessitated a full remodel of the tiny main floor bathroom.  Flipping the locations of the toilet & vanity, adding an in-wall tank toilet, and replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower totally transformed the bathroom for overnight visits while enlarging the floor space to accommodate a wheelchair.

A cluttered storage room in the basement, adjacent to the family room, became a brand new full bath.  Not having to run up and down the stairs while you are watching TV, now that is a luxury not often found in older homes.

Designed by Michelle Ku for Three Week Kitchens.